Friends of HN🔥

Team Hot Notes is our VILLIAGE (it takes one, right?) This page celebrates and promotes our TEAM, Friends, Businesses, and Organizations that inspire, help, and otherwise support Hot Notes quartet! THANK YOU!!!

Ted's Voice Academy

Introducing Ted's Voice Academy, a haven for aspiring vocalists owned and operated by the extraordinary bass himself, Ted Chamberlain. Immerse yourself in a world of vocal excellence as you sign up for voice lessons, personalized vocal instruction (PVI's), and ensemble coaching. We are truly fortunate to have Ted guiding us at every rehearsal, and now you too can experience his expertise firsthand. Located in the beautiful city of Lacey, WA, Ted's Voice Academy invites you to join a community dedicated to unlocking your full vocal potential. Prepare to be amazed as Ted helps you cultivate your voice and achieve musical greatness! 

Angie, a cousin of Anna and Ted, holds a special place in our hearts as the BFF of Melanie and Shelly. Not only that, she proudly serves as the official photographer of Hot Notes! 

Angie's exceptional skills have earned her a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding professional photographer. Collaborating with Angie is an absolute joy, as everyone adores working with her. And we, without a doubt, join the ranks of those who wholeheartedly love and appreciate Angie! T

hank you for being incredible, Angie!

Patty Jensen-Hale

Allow us to introduce Patty Jensen-Hale, a cherished friend with a knack for crafting and a keen business mindset. 

Patty holds a special place in Team Hot Notes as she was the first to join us from outside the quartet. Not only is she our brilliant SWAG creator, but she also possesses the remarkable ability to step in and perform a couple of parts if the need ever arises. 

Patty, you are an invaluable member of our team, and we are grateful to have you by our side!

Welcome to the marvelous world of Portland's own Mixed Barbershop Chorus! This incredible ensemble brings together both men and women, creating harmonies that captivate audiences far and wide. Within this talented group, you'll find active chorus members Shelly, Melanie, and Ted, each contributing their unique musical talents. Prepare to be amazed by the captivating performances of this remarkable chorus!